GTM Momentum Accelerator

Microsoft driven investment for selected, qualified partners within Microsoft Partner-led Associations to accelerate marketplace and SMC customer growth.


A 12-week co-sell & marketplace readiness Accelerator for Microsoft Partner-led Association members designed to accelerate readiness to co-sell with Microsoft. GTM Momentum is a special Microsoft investment to champion strategic alignment and accelerate success of breadth partners to co-sell opportunities through deep understanding of GTM and sales resources.


I’m pleased to invite you to an exceptional business transformation opportunity. The GTM Momentum Accelerator will offer you invaluable insights on broadening your market reach and increasing your revenue as a Microsoft partner.


Members of Microsoft Partner-led Associations such as IAMCP, WIC, and BCPA are invited to participate in this exclusive 12-week accelerator, crafted to ensure success in marketplace and cloud co-sell endeavors.  Small-to-medium sized ISV, SI, CSP or MSP partners will find the content most relevant.


By joining the Accelerator, you’ll understand how to enhance customer demand and experience growth within the Microsoft Marketplace. You will hear directly from Microsoft stakeholders, and other subject matter experts, about utilizing go-to-market and sales tactics to increase company growth. With the aid of expert coaching and access to resources , you can fine-tune your sales strategies with stronger ROI.


This invitation is a call to action to maximize your potential as a Microsoft partner. Space is limited so apply today. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity.


Regina Johnson 

Senior Manager, Global Partner Solutions, Microsoft


Formulate and Execute Your Cosell GTM Plan

Assess and develop precise strategies and investment plans for co-sell demand and revenue generation, leveraging the marketplace as a new sales route.

Accelerate Marketplace Revenue Creation

Learn from Microsoft stakeholders and other subject matter experts on how to define your transactable offer, onboard to the marketplace, develop GTM materials, and unlock rewards & incentives to accelerate revenue creation

Optimize Sales Playbook and Processes

Receive access to a Demand Generation toolkit, Community amplification to promote Co-Sell readiness and other Microsoft resources.

Access to GTM Resources and Investments

Fine-tune your sales teams and results through exclusive coaching and access to the Revenue Optimization Guide, which includes sales processes, playbooks, and tools.


  1. Complete the GTM Assessment.
  2. Be an active member of a Microsoft Partner-Led Association.
  3. Receive program confirmation and complete commitment agreement.
  4. Begin the 12-week Accelerator.



To maximize the business potential of members through peer-to-peer interaction, member advocacy, community outreach, growth and education—while enhancing members’ ties to Microsoft. Business development and higher bottom line profit are our goals.

Women in Cloud

A global network of 100K Women Tech Founders, Executives, Tech Professionals, and Allies in 67 countries who are committed to inspiring the tech ecosystem to be an inclusive force for change and take collective action by providing a powerful platform to collaborate, build community engagement and unlock $1B in new net economic access by 2030. Join #WICXEnterprise Innovators Network dedicated to empowering women founders and owners to build and scale their Cosell partnerships. 

Black Channel Partner Alliance

A wealth-building organization committed to accelerating the growth of Black innovators and Black-owned technology businesses through mentorship, coaching and community.


In this edition of our Partner Spotlight series, we continue highlighting partners at the forefront of app innovation on the commercial marketplace. Throughout the series, we will be telling the unique stories of partners who are leading the way with AI in app development, who are building using multiple Microsoft products, and who are publishing transactable applications on the marketplace. In this article, I sat down with ntegral’s Founder, President, and CTO Dexter Hardy to learn more about their story and partner journey.




Q1: What Is the Cost for me to join the accelerator?

This accelerator is exclusively available to members of Microsoft’s partner-led associations. The cost to join is determined by the membership fees set by the approved associations, such as IAMCP, WIC, and BCPA. We recommend reaching out to your respective association directly for detailed pricing information.

Q2: What is the Time commitment for me and my team to participate in this accelerator?

The accelerator spans 12 weeks in total. Initially, you’ll dedicate approximately 30 minutes to complete an assessment. Following that, a minimum commitment of 2 hours per week is required from each participant, which includes engaging with the workbook, attending webinars, participating in office hours, and joining coaching sessions.

Q3: As a partner, what can I expect from the community and Microsoft if I invest in this accelerator?

By investing in this accelerator, you can expect comprehensive support and significant gains in three key areas:

  1. Clarity on Your Co-Sell Plan: You’ll gain a clear understanding of how to align and integrate your offerings with Microsoft’s co-sell opportunities.
  2. Visibility with Microsoft: Your participation will increase your visibility within Microsoft, opening doors to new collaborative and growth opportunities.
  3. Development of Key Assets: You’ll be equipped to develop detailed transactable offers, a robust Go-To-Market (GTM) Plan, and a finely-tuned Sales Playbook, setting a solid foundation for your sales strategy.

Q4. What Can I Expect in the 12 Weeks of the Accelerator?

The GTM Momentum Accelerator offers a comprehensive and immersive 12-week experience designed to enhance your co-selling capabilities with Microsoft. Here’s what you can expect during the accelerator:

  1. GTM Masterclass: Participate in specialized masterclass sessions that provide deep insights into Go-To-Market strategies. These classes are crafted to give you a solid foundation in developing and executing effective GTM plans.

  2. Digital Courses and Office Hours for Personalized Support: Benefit from dedicated office hours where you can seek personalized advice and support. These sessions are crucial for refining your Co-Sell GTM Investment Plan and effectively productizing your offer.

  3. Sales Coaching: Receive targeted sales coaching from experienced professionals. This aspect of the program is designed to sharpen your sales skills, ensuring you’re equipped to engage effectively with customers and partners.

  4. Access to Community Events and Networks: Engage with a vibrant community through various events and network-building opportunities. These gatherings are not just about learning and development; they also offer a platform to connect with peers, share experiences, and build lasting relationships within the industry.

Over these 12 weeks, you’ll gain invaluable insights, skills, and connections, setting you on a path to significantly enhance your market presence and sales success in collaboration with Microsoft.

Q5. What is the criteria to join?

  • Must be a member of a Partner-Led Associations (IAMCP, WIC, BCPA)
  • Commit to transact via Microsoft Marketplace within 90 days
  • Invest one resource to be dedicated for 12 weeks to complete GTM deliverables

Q6. Who can join the GTM Momentum Accelerator?

  • Partners members of Partner-Led Associations – IAMCP, WIC, BCPA. 
  • Small-to-medium sized partners who are unmanaged

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