Privacy Policy for GTM Momentum Accelerator

Last updated: 16-Jan-2024

This Privacy Policy outlines how GTM Momentum Accelerator (“the Accelerator”) collects, uses, and protects the data submitted through assessment and application enrollment forms. The Accelerator team collaborates with Microsoft, Partner-led Associations (International Association of Microsoft Certified Partners, Women in Cloud, Black Channel Partner Association) and select suppliers (Meylah, AppMeetup, Abundant Collective) to support partners in growing their businesses and fostering collaboration with Microsoft.

Data Usage Purposes:

  • Product Improvement: Information gathered from enrollment forms aids in identifying challenges faced by partners in current Microsoft Partner-led Associations and the AI Cloud Partner Program. This data informs the development of new products, services, or features to address these challenges.
  • Research Partner Experience: The accelerator team conducts research on partner growth and development, leveraging collected data to identify trends and best practices. Insights are shared with partners to enhance their business strategies.
  • Information Security: The Accelerator prioritizes the security and privacy of partner data, ensuring authorized access and protection against unauthorized use.
  • Customer Service: Collected data enhances customer service by personalizing communications, providing targeted support based on partner needs, interests, and categorization.
  • Service Personalization: Data informs the personalization of services and offerings, facilitating customized training and resources based on partner-specific interests and needs.
  • Targeted Advertising: Partners may receive targeted advertising based on their preferences and interests, identified through the enrollment form.
  • Program Evaluation: Data is utilized to evaluate the program’s effectiveness, measuring its impact on partner growth and development and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Market Research: Microsoft conducts market research to identify growth opportunities, exploring new markets or industries based on the data collected.
  • Partner Matching: The Accelerator may use data to match partners with potential customers or collaborators, fostering mutually beneficial connections.
  • Business Intelligence: Collected data provides insights into partner behavior and preferences, guiding the development of new offerings and enhancing overall business intelligence.

By participating in the GTM Momentum Accelerator, partners consent to the outlined data usage purposes. Microsoft and above referenced suppliers remains committed to safeguarding partner privacy and ensuring responsible data handling practices. Any changes to this policy will be communicated promptly.

If you have any questions regarding the accelerator privacy policy, please send email to